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General Supplier

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We are ( Unity Sinai Marine Services ) , a general ship supplier and marine contractor started our activities twenty years ago in port Suez . Suez canal area . Sharm El Sheikh port and Safaga port. We have achieved remarkable growth and managed to cover all Egyptian ports .We provide our professional services at both ends of Suez canal north or south and all Egyptian ports in unity Sinai marine
Service not our  business but rather our passion and life style . We are dedicated to provide our principals with only first – class services based on partnership concept .We always look at our role as a supporter to our customers . We are proud to represent a new generation in the field of marine services in Egypt . With our highly professional and experienced staff are always sure to convey our message . The right product , at the right price in the right place on the right time


From our bonded warehouses , a vast range of frozen meats , fish , dairy , fresh and ambient stores can be dispatched promptly to any destination port or terminal in Egypt even at the shortest notice , a complete understanding of the diverse natures of crew depending on their nationalities is always maintained . That’s why we stock products from worldwide sources to satisfy every need .We have a solid experience in service of crew-members and seamen of
Scandinavian , European , Chinese , Indian , Korean , Philippine and Japanese as well as many other backgrounds


Cabin , janitorial and catering stores

Taking care of every cleaning and catering requirement on a vessel is paramount to maintaining a healthy ship and crew . Kitchen equipment , chemicals , clothing , bedding and cleaning materials are all from stock at our warehouses .

Fresh water supply

We are proud to have the newest , cleanest and best inspected water barges ready to always supply ships with fastest and safest fresh water supply avoiding any delays to ships .

Anchor & chain

We deal with only the best manufacturers in china whose products are accepted by all marine classes , also available used items for hire as required .

Nautical publications & charts

Nautical charts & publications , navigational aids , electronic equipment and consumables are all available from ( Unity Sinai Marine Services . Co ) for delivery at any point the Egyptian waters .

Safety , life raft servicing pyrotechnics , medical

Unity Sinai Marine Services is a leading supplier of safety items , a dedicated high quality service to our customers , supplying personal protection , fighting equipment , life saving & ships distress equipment and medical supplies we offer the servicing of life rafts , fire fighting equipment and checks of medical lockers .

Contact Us

Unity Sinai Company for Marine Services

Sharm Elsheikh Office
203 Mall City Center, Old Market

Suez Office
4 st. Elsouq Elomome, Suez

T +2 012 22 40 44 81
Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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